SedeVacantist UK was founded to be a Free & independent online resource for information about the SedeVacantist position of the Roman Catholic religion in the UK, we are not tied to, nor do we represent the “1570 Society”, the “Tridentine Mass Society”, nor the Canons Regular of Saint Augustine in Ashford, Kent. All of which are involved with the practical arrangements of non una cum Mass in the UK.


We aim to be impartial and neutral in that we do not take sides with regards to the difference of opinions between various different SedeVacantist clergy & organisations such as;

  • Bishop Clarence Kelly & the SSPV

  • Bishops Donald Sanborn, Joseph Selway & Most Holy Trinity Seminary

  • Bishop Mark Pivarunas & the CMRI

  • Bishop Michael French & the Canons Regular of St. Augustine in Ashford, Kent

We recognize that not one Bishop listed above has any Ordinary nor Delegated Jurisdiction over Catholics, especially lay Catholics. They are simply Sacramental Bishops, and it is therefore technically incorrect to address any of them as “My Lord” or “Your Lordship”, or to refer to one of the above as “His Lordship”.


Sacramental Bishops should be addressed as either “Your Excellency” or “Monsignour” in the English language. Priests ordained by one of the above Sacramental Bishops also have no authority over the Catholic laity with the exception of Supplied Jurisdiction for the hearing of sacramental confessions.



While it is important for this website to as far as possible remain neutral, we also have a duty to fight against the modern errors of Capitalism with leads to Communism and practical atheism. To that end we will as a secondary aim of this website, help to raise awareness of such issues within SedeVacantism, just as Our Lord Jesus Christ did with the Money Changers in the Temple.


During ordinary times when there is a sitting Catholic hierarchy of Priests, Bishops, and a Pope on the throne of St. Peter the way to do this would be through the Catholic hierarchy, as the hierarchy is vacant in the present tense, raising awareness amongst SedeVacantists is the only was to prevent Capitalism from spreading.