Other SedeVacantist Resources


TraditionalMass.org Articles
Contains many useful articles written mainly by Rev. Fr. Anthony Cekada.

Novus Ordo Watch
"See for yourself how the False Church of Vatican II is NOT the Roman Catholic Church of Pope Pius XII and before"

Novus Ordo WireThe latest news in written form of developments within the Vatican II institution which claims to be the “Catholic Church”.

A podcast with news and razor-sharp analysis of what is going on inside the Vatican II institution & the world of Traditional Catholicism.  Tradcast is published by Novus Ordo Watch and is essentially a free version of "True Restoration's" proprietary Francis Watch show.

Tradcast Express
Started in early 2017 due to the time delays in producing the classic Tradcast show.  The aim of Tradcast express is to provide short quick to create content frequently which is short to create.  To save time Novus Ordo Watch do not (themselfs) upload Tradcast express to Youtube.  At SedeVacantist UK we upload Tradcast Express to Youtube with permission expressed in episode 16 of the classic Tradcast show.

Traditional Catholic Sermons
The spiritual stuff just like you get from Restoration Radio but for Free.


SedeVacantist Priestly & Religious Society’s

The Canons Regular of Saint Augustine
A SedeVacantist community of Thuc Lineage Priests who offer Non-Una-Cum Mass every Sunday at there Chapel in Ashford, Kent.

Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen (CMRI)
Based in the USA, the CMRI has Priests in Germany who fly out to England & Scotland to say Non-Una-Cum Mass and administer the Sacraments.

Most Holy Trinity Seminary
Rt. Rev. Bishop Donald Sanborn's Major Seminary in Florida USA